Saturday, 12 October 2013

Six-Pack, Autumn & Fantastic Grapes...

Small but packing a punch!

Isn't it funny how we remember certain happenings as if it were yesterday. In our first month here, my brother-in-law and family came to visit us. Look they thought it pretty and nice, but I am sure they were wondering why we would move to such a small place.

While they were here my sister-in-law and I went to one of the local farmers to get a bottle of pumpkin seed oil. Both of us didn't realize that he was actually one of the six-pack members. Well, as we went in, there were at least four hunky men sitting around the bar, drinking wine. To be honest, it was so unexpected that it looked more like a pride of hunks to me. Still not too sure of the actual number.

Oh, I think we had stumbled upon a six-pack meeting! What was so funny, is that my sister-in-law was not expecting such a sight in our small village. I think that both of us ( as most women would do too ) straight away tucked an imaginary strand of hair behind our ears and sucked in our stomachs...

Oh yes, our little village boasts a Six-Pack...of winemakers. Whether a few of the six actually have a physique true to their name, is one of those eternal mysteries. But they do look like they could have one!

The Six-Pack is made up of six local wine makers. By the way, they have won awards galore and some of their wines are sold all over the world. Oh yes, our area and village might be tiny compared to others, but it packs a punch and makes the most delectable wines.

Places to stay when you come to visit our fabulous village.


Grapes & vines make a perfect poetic combination.
Autumn must be the prettiest season.
Who would have thought, that this humble yet delicious grape can produce such world-class wine ?