Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When Did You Start To Miscalculate Your Age?

A lot of us women should have of a hint of Pinocchio on our faces.

Good grief, we do start to enhance our age from early on. Yesterday I asked the kids how their day at school was. They are in class 1 and I was expecting a discourse on their love of words, numbers or pictures. Well, what do I know!

The topic de jour in the class 1 was: " ..... told everyone that she is 7, but she is lying because she is only 6! " Scandalous indeed. Age in class 1 is vital or rather the lack of it. When you are straight out of Kindergarten, you move mountains to be seen as a scholar even resorting to add a few months to your age.

I was keenly impressed by the kids ability to know each other's age to the day. It might have something to do with attending the various kids-birthday extravaganzas.

Do you remember being in your late teens and fretting over admissions to the Mecca of teenagers - The Nightclubs / Discos / Bars? Those were the days where we had to have our I.D.'s on us all the time, just in case we looked too young. ( How that could have been possible, when we piled on every bit of make-up we had, is a mystery to me.)

Of course, nowadays we would name our grandchildren after the bouncer, should he ask us for our I.D's...Maybe their might be a chance of being carded if the electricity is cut and only candles display their amazingly kind illuminating ability.

After a certain milestone ( for me it was 40 ) the numbers blur a bit and often I forget my exact age. That's when the old fashioned art of mental arithmetic comes in handy. You know, current year minus Birth Year!