Friday, 11 October 2013

Are You Still A Fan Of The ' Joneses ' ?

A la modern or the old fashioned way?

Before the advent of the internet, keeping up with with your neighbours was just as stupid as it is now, but it was a little bit less stressful. Luckily one didn't have that many.

Depending on how familiar you were with your neighbours, it could involve copying parts of their homes exterior or if your were the lucky recipient of a dinner invite, emulating the interior too!

Wive: " Did you see that bathroom honey? We need to get a shower like theirs..."
Husband:" There is no way I am still going to mow the lawn with that old fashioned push lawnmower. That's it, I am getting a lawn-mobile just like Dave has!"

We all didn't realize, that as costly as it was, it still was the less expensive version! Fast forward to the internet and social media, and the plot thickens as much as a custard just before its done.

Who hasn't scrolled down their news-feed and seen a friend display their new pride and joy. Suddenly it is en vogue to show pictures of your new car, holiday and a lot more. I don't know about you, but I do admit to the odd bout of envy when I see those exotic holidays coupled with the abundant approval ( likes ) of everyone else...

Have you also noticed how many young couples choose to get engaged on social media? There seems to be a whole lot of planning involved to make it look good on the various platforms. That must be a big powder keg of pressure for the buyer of the ring. Eh, we all know that in order to look good on a picture, it needs a fair size!

In the past, an announcement in the local paper was all that was needed to inform long lost friends. No mention of the size of the ring or where you proposed. Mind you, that was one of the first places to look in the local paper. We called it the " Hatched, Matched & Dispatched " section. Now it is called a " News-feed "...

Economic times being as they are, most of us have had to curb spending in one way or another. I think that the first irrelevant lot of spending to fall away, was that insane effort to copy the Joneses....

Have changed your spending habits recently? Bob and I have. We now shop weekly and have a shopping list. Oh, and we shop without the aid of a credit card. We only buy with the money we have at the time! Oh yes, positively prehistoric ...


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