Sunday, 27 October 2013

Scared Of Trying Something New...Well Who Isn't?

The first step is usually the hardest.

Mind you, it could rather be described as the last step. That last step where you could still turn around and go home without anyone being the wiser. Well, anyone but yourself!

We have met new friends in our village. To cut to the chase, Bob & I were invited along to a party. A party on our block. Yes, literally on the corner of our street. I had met the couple just this week, but Bob had not.

Yesterday afternoon ( the invite was artistic to a tee...come whenever you feel like it ) we walked the few meters. Bob, by nature being very shy, was moaning every step of the way about not wanting to go along as he didn't know anyone. Naturally, after 10 years of being together, you get a feel of what to listen to and where to develop a deaf ear.

Ignoring Bob's pleas of wanting to turn around up to the last step, we entered through the gate and stepped into another world. It is amazing how artists in any field, create thought provoking spaces of interest, beauty and comfort. Their own magic place where inspiration strikes them in even a blade of grass merrily rooted in their garden.

In true form, we arrived when most of the guests were there already and I know how hard it was for Bob to do that intitial " Hello everyone, I am Bob " ( To be honest, it is just as difficult for me ). Remember, he had to do it in a foreign language. As I knew all along, he passed with flying colours, and in fact had such a great time that I eventually had to drag him home five hours later!

How often do we pass up great opportunities, new friends or experiences because we are too scared to do that initial step. Yes, meeting new people or trying new things is never easy but oh so worthwhile and enriching.