Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Do Men & Women Master A Cold The Same Way?

A tandem affair.

When you can be sick together, you know you are onto a good wicket. It's always easy when they say: " In Sickness and in Health..." but a lot of significant others are not so easy to be around as soon as they are bitten by the common cold bug.

We have all heard those urban myths ( please let me know, if they are actually true! ) about how men get floored by the common cold or flu. You know, once they are afflicted they don't even have enough energy to take out the trash. Whereas we women tend to be a stronger bunch.

How can you tell that a mother is sick with a cold? You see her doing all of the following with a tissue & red eyes:

  • Getting the kids up for school and getting them fed, dressed & ready.
  • Driving the kids to school.
  • Making breakfast / lunch / supper.
  • Going to the supermarket...everyone needs to eat.
  • Looking after any and all other sick family members while she is too.

Well, I must admit that I am very lucky with Bob. Apart from his coughing and or splattering, you wouldn't realize he is sick. My Schatzi is the strong and silent type!!! But yesterday, as we woke up and shared our litany of cold symptoms, we decided to take a day off and stay at home.

It turned out the best decision, as today we are feeling better and most of the appointments that we changed, were happy to escape a barrage of cold germs...

By the way, Bob made me numerous cups of tea & made pizza ( handmade from the dough up, not the pretend pizza that you pull from the box into the oven ) for supper.

A man in a million!


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