Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Die Hard 4 Wasn't Too Far Fetched.

Hollywood sometimes has a sort of clairvoyance about it.

As you know ( or will now ) I am a Die Hard fan of note. It could have more to do with Bruce Willis and the incredible scraps he survives. Who doesn't remember him in one scene or another? You know, usually in a vest with wounds galore, yet looking very manly in the process...

When Die Hard 4 relayed the world as a connected & "Big Brother " one, it seemed far fetched to say the least. The Government knowing your every electronic move, syllable or sound only brought forth a " Get real, this will never happen! ". Famous last words and what not.

It appears that Governments are all knowing after all. The idea of our privacy is put into question and even the Hob-nobs of politics and society seem to be affected. One could be forgiven for wondering if business leaders have been receiving the same treatment?

Look, at the moment all this electronic surveillance is alleged only, but if true, where will it all end? Are we going to go Retro and stop using electronics of any sort? Or are there going to be stringent laws applied? But how does one prove or disprove surveillance?

The next few weeks will prove interesting indeed.
Was it all conjecture or rather the tip of a scary iceberg...?


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