Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Some More Pictures Of Autumn In Burgenland.

Nature's gentle nudge for us to get ready for winter.

The road from the greens of Summer to the reds of Autumn. At least the last colours we remember before the uniform starkness of Winter are the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows.
Not every tree is ready to don its Autumn coat. I suppose it would spoil the effect if they all did it at the same time.
Sunday was a brilliant day for harvesting the red grapes. Bob in action, sorting things. This is at the start. All the bunches we snipped off, got put into those crates and then driven to be de-stemmed.
Two buckets ready to go to the red crates. It usually is a few hundred meters to the car. But when you are amid these stunning colour ranges, the work becomes fun.
Vines just seem to flourish more on slopes, and there you see the long uphill...
Not to be outdone, the forest also jumps on board, providing its offering of mushrooms ( not sure if these are edible, but they do look pretty )
A mushroom camp!
A nice view of some local Kellerstöckls.
Roses guarding the vines. I just adore seeing the succulent green grass, luscious grapes being fronted by the vibrant red roses... Life is grand.