Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Few Interesting Glimpses Of Life Around Our Village.

Everyone knows...

Walking along in the vineyards, I noticed this orange clad man up ahead and at first I thought that some roadworks might be happening. It took a while to see that he was not real...
Forget about keeping your age a secret in our hamlet. Just in case not everyone knew your age...this will make sure of it!
There is a special troupe going around the village under cover of night, making these rather funny displays.
This is one of my favourite views in the Eisenberg vineyards. At the edge of two countries. Hungary is in the background.
The innocents of Eisenberg...a lovely white rosebush at the edge of a row of vines. Too gorgeous.
How can anyone have the blues with this bit of nature?
A white rose almost seems like a humble one. No pretense, no colour, a clean slate almost, yet infinitely beautiful. Look at the configuration of the individual petals. Just amazing. Nature at its best.