Monday, 7 September 2015

Defining Moment In History, Defining Moment Of Humanity.

A wake up call to all of us.

Information is gathered almost at the speed of light but definitely at the click of a keystroke. We are in fact inundated with information. Most of it useless and mundane, some of it funny and some of it so terrible we almost don't take it seriously.

For years, or rather four years there has been a civil war in Syria. We've been shown the sad and evil images on TV yet, did it really sink in? We've seen the hundreds of thousand refugees in tented camps. But as it was on another continent, it became just one of those things.

One of those things that got pushed to the end of a news cycle by the really important news about the celluloid royalty. That was a shameful refection on humanity, because what if it had happened to us? Would we have become a nightly parting shot on the news cycle? There all the time that we would be invisible to the senses, the senses of those who could help us?

As a people, we failed miserably in helping out with the situation that has been the civil war in Syria. Should our politicians have done more?

Well, the universe has brought the crisis onto our doorstep. Now, it has been noticed as more than just a glimpse of a distant nation.

One day, our kids will judge us by how we handled this. We should never forget that the refugees arriving, have gone through hell and back already. They have seen and experienced more evil in a short time, that anyone should ever have to experience in ten life times.

What if it was us? How would we feel if after four years of living each day not knowing whether we will have enough to eat or even worse, we might die that day. we are finally ringing at the door of a real Save Haven, only to have the wrong pass word.

Yes, it isn't easy to do all that is needed, in fact, it is rather difficult to change and upset the smooth sailing that most of our boats have done through life, but isn't it the handling of the difficult moments that make us better human beings...