Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Pumpkin, A Prince Charming, A Traffic Light With A Timer & A Burgenland Landscape.

Pictures, can tell a lot...

The one and only pumpkin that has graced our garden. Not for lack of trying as the plant itself winds through half of our kitchen-garden. The difficult bit is to know when it is ready to be picked!
This was one of those classic moments. Outside the Eberau Ice Cream Haven this cute little cat caught itself her Prince Charming and on top of a painted wine barrel too!
" Back off sister....he's mine! "

The soya beans are almost ready for harvesting. The fields are glowing in that typical yellow and orange hue. Simply fabulous to walk past them.
Often when I walk, the sky seems to be an extension from the heavenly heights above. It seems to me like rays of blessings are beaming down. A simple yet oh so very eloquent picture...
Bob and I took a pit stop at a Burgenland Fast Food Joint...a Buschenschank and F.Y.I. if you've never been to one, make haste!!!
The beautiful village in the distance is Bildein. There is a tree next to the church, which is even taller than the church spire. Amazing to behold.
IF you look a bit closer, you can see a timer on top of the traffic light. How ingenious. It tells you when your light will change. Great idea indeed.