Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An Ordinary Day, A Happy Day, A Day In Burgenland.

The changing pace of an autumn day.

A gentle start to any day is a good start. Well, gentle as in walking and seeing the last bursts of summer.
I could hear this harvester about a kilometer before I saw it. In fact, I wasn't sure what it was but knew it was big. The purr of the engine is rather bombastic.
The geese are walking in single file while of course chattering or rather gaggling like mad. Enough to drown the noise of the harvester down the road.
B.T.W..the factory you see in the background is MAM-Baby products manufacturing plant. A world wide company, right here in a neighbouring village in Hungary.
The afternoon saw me again in Hungary and as I was driving back home, I saw this mare and her foal. Too cute!
Shopping in Güssing is an event at times. As we took our groceries to the car, there was the castle lording it over everything. A nice feeling to be in the shadow of history.
Driving back home, we found this field of sun-groupies. Well, not that there was much sun can see it in the drooping attitude of each sunflower. But divine none-the-less.