Thursday, 3 September 2015

Politicians Or Magicians...?

Either way, we are the paying audience.

Perhaps it's time to start reading the fine print. Of everything. How does a the magician conjure out the white rabbit or cute dove from his black top hat? Never mind that poor assistant in her sequence dress who has to climb smilingly into the about-to-be-carved-in-two box.

Naturally, there is a trick behind it. A sleight of hand, that makes us lose focus for a moment or two. Of course at the crucial moment and voila, the rabbit and the dove are here and the lady is in pieces. We missed the bait and switch.

Turn your thoughts to the current headlines. The world is upset, quite rightly so, with the terrible sufferings of the refugees and their subsequent treatment. Wherever you turn to get your news, it has top billing.

But are we witnessing some conjuring on another front or fronts? Mother Earth is in a state of emergency and needs to be treated and not kicked and wrung out some more. Yet, there was a small news clip about the American Government giving its go ahead to do yet more damage by drilling for oil in Alaska.

Two weeks later, there was a ' magical ' appeal from the American president, to do our bit to halt climate change. Ah, sorry, but what about actions speaking louder than words..

Another white rabbit scenario for me, seems to be the Transatlantic Trade Deal-TTIP. There is so much ( other ) unrest in the world right now, that the negative impact of this deal isn't being talked about as much as it should be.

Maybe now is the time to take a stance. Greenpeace petition.

If this deal is signed, then finally a spade is called a spade or rather, the puppet master is going to step forward and discard his puppets. Big business would call the shots from then on. Good luck to all of us, because I have a feeling that it will be profit before people...and it won't be nice to experience or watch. We got a small taste of it during that recent Subprime affair of 2007.