Wednesday, 9 September 2015

....And A Rosy Wednesday To You Too!

Eisenberg, wine, great people and amazing roses.

I know that it is just a mere rose, but how divinely beautiful it is. The most magnetic pink makes a fabulous combination with the greens of the vines. Yes, there is a glimpse of Eisenberg Weinberg in the background. Imagine the view from up there...
You know, mere minutes after I took these series of photos, the lovely pink rose of Eisenberg got the chop and is now residing in a watery grave or rather vase.

The vineyards you can see behind it, are as steep as can be and maybe that is why they produce such superlative Blaufränkisch wine.

All photos taken at the lovely Hofzimmer Kellerstock. A romantic cottage to rent in the vineyards.

The starlet waiting to become the star...

Nature is just so clever. The pink of the petals, the green of the stem with the thorns that give it a longer lifespan. Just try and touch a rose, never mind plucking one without pruning shears...

..." He loves me, he loves me not..." odd or even numbers of petals? Move over daisy, this is the oracle of relationships.