Sunday, 27 September 2015

Yah, Yoga Comes To Town...

Small but packing a punch!

I think it was on Tuesday that I got a SmS about Yoga. Would I like to go? Heck yes, definitely. Saturday afternoon where most of us hanker down to a romantic comedy on the telly, saw plenty of us congregate in the village hall. Ready and dressed for our first yoga session.

I find it fabulous, that in our small village, the siren call of a yoga lesson was so well heard. Gosh, even our teacher was surprised at the turnout for her first lesson. One could tell that she was a good yoga diciple because she exuded an air of tranquility and peace, one that only serious yoga followers achieve.

Owning to a missing bit in my knee ( a scalpel happy orthopaedic surgeon in my teens ), doing certain yoga bends was out of my league. But, not a problem as I merely sat these exercises out. I wasn't the only one with slight problems as I heard the word sore hip in the front row. Isn't it funny, that as we get to a certain age, we revert to childhood with a show & tell scenario, alas now it has more to do aches & pains with the odd titanium hip replacement thrown in for good measure!

The whole room morphed into a tranquil and peaceful environment even though most of us were novices. It might have something to do with the various Sun Dogs / Greet the Morning etc positions as they were jolly difficult to do. Concentration deluxe all around. Not even time to see how the floor neighbour was doing it.

There is something so awesome about being in a room where the energy is positive and calm. Normally when there are exercise classes during winter, the air is usually full of chatter and giggles, but not yesterday. The teacher's calmness transcended on all of us and we all looked rather relaxed when the lesson finished.

As I said, as small as our village is, we pack a punch and we have a better turnout for a yoga lesson than most big cities do.