Thursday, 24 September 2015

This Week Has Been Dedicated To Our Car & Guessing.

Bob and I have walked the various streets of Guessing.

As with anything older, it needs more T.L.C. and our car didn't want to be left out. The annual C.O.R. test had to be made and even though we grumbled and moaned, I could have sworn our car loved all the attention.

There is nothing wrong with keeping a car that is more than a decade old and I am not in the habit of changing a car because a trendier one has been launched or for the frivolity of " Keeping up with the Joneses ". Anyway, our Diesel Chariot has many miles still left in her.

A silly encounter with a pebble while driving, had made it necessary to replace the windscreen and we had the scheduled appointment yesterday at 8 am in Güssing. We also knew that it would take until 4 pm to be ready. At first Bob and I planned to take a bus back home but quickly discarded that idea when the relevant connections weren't there.

We decided to treat our day in Güssing as an adventurous mini holiday. Suddenly, what seemed like hours to be killed, were opportunities to explore. Like good scouts, we were prepared. Instead of a handbag, we took one backpack and filled it with a book each, sunscreen lotion, lip ice, Bob's business flyers,bottled water and of course the wallet. Both of us wore our walking shoes and were actually looking forward to our day.

We discovered a lovely bakery that had a breakfast buffet. Coffee, various bread rolls, ham, boiled eggs, spreads, juices, yoghurt, muesli and more for 6 euros per person. Nice. The bakery was rather busy and one of Bob's firemen colleagues was also having his breakfast there. Running into friends and acquaintances is a sure sign that we are growing roots. Divine.

After breakfast we walked to a suburb of Güssing to hand out business flyers. Gosh, we discovered a whole new side to the town. Wonderful old villas with spectacular views all around. Two hours later, saw us resting on a shady bench in the town square. With the marvels of technology, we phoned my parents and organized for them to meet us for lunch. For us it was a nice way to spend part of the day and for them it was a nice change to their day.

Before we met for lunch, Bob and I still walked up to the castle, more for something to do than to see it. We normally take our visitors to it, so that is why we know it so well.

We meandered around town until we met up with my parents for lunch. When was the last time you met anyone in your family for lunch? For no other reason but because you could...It was such a nice change from the norm, and we kind of felt like tourists ( with the backpack and sturdy shoes, we rather looked like them ). After lunch, my folks drove back home and we walked to the garage. They did offer to drive us, but as we had still a few hours to kill, we decided to go on foot.

Funny, when you think about spending seven or eight hours walking around a small town, it seems at first daunting. But it turned out such fun for both of us. A day to spend together without the distraction of computers. A day to walk for miles. A day to discover new places and a day to be grateful that we have a car....