Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A1 & Our Postman Have Taken Us To The New TV Frontier.

Our postman doesn't ring once, never twice but flags us down!

You must remember that Le Bob and I have moved into an age bracket where we can start to boast about having been there at the beginning. Like now for example, we can eh, boast that we have watched TV when they still showed a start signal test pattern. Television was, after all, only introduced to South Africa in 1976. The good old times where late night viewing wasn't even invented and bunny ears were standard.

As most others around the world, our house has that odd round decorating ornament hanging precariously ( and rather ugly ) from our roof. Almost standard issue nowadays and clearly a dying technology.

In the last few months our viewing pleasure has slowly dwindled to a constant no signal screen on our telly. To add insult to injury, our DVD machine has joined in on the strike! We have tried several different satellite decoders ( all second hand ) and after the third one also didn't feel the urge to work more than a few minutes, we realised that we had a problem anywhere from the wall socket to the dish on the roof and the cable running in between the two.

The option of Bob climbing on the ladder to reach the dish and perhaps stand there for a while to twist and turn it, was discarded immediately as I didn't think it would be the thing to call out Bob's firemen buddies to help him off our roof!. For a while we re-watched our precious stash of DVDs until the DVD player had had enough!

As it happens in life, our Internet-modem joined the trilogy of striking appliances. That we sorted out in a jiffy via the help line and the A1 brick and mortar shop in Oberwart. As I was organizing our new modem ( no charge, can you believe it, even though we've had it for four years!!! ) I saw their new line of television viewing. Casually, to shoot the proverbial breeze, I asked my sales assistant how it worked as it did look rather fancy.

" Streaming your tv programs via your internet cable. "
Oh, that sounded too advanced for us and remember we live in a village of about 300 way in the country.
" I suppose that wouldn't work with us, would it? "
...well, little did I know. We actually have a fast enough fiber optics connection ( and of course a new modem to direct it all ), to stream our TV programs and even better, now we don't need a dish. The best new of all was that it only costs 4,90 euros extra each month.

We signed on this new adventure and with only a few hiccups-we were held in suspense over the A1 technician rezoning our internet speed for a few weeks. One said we had ample, the other one said not enough. A few phone calls later and each and every day rushing out to meet our postman in case he brought the new decoder, it finally happened yesterday.

Driving on the opposite side of our village, I saw our postman sitting in his yellow car, about to drive on. When you've lived here for a while you learn that when you see a yellow postal car, you slow down a bit...which I did.

It goes to show, that even the postman knows our car and obviously me behind the wheel. He flagged me down and with hand signal showed me that the box had arrived. I was so excited that I left my car idling in the middle of the road while I went over to see our postman. Don't worry, I had to sign that electronic invoice before he gave me my A1 parcel.

" Now you can finally watch TV again! "