Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Frivolous State Of Doing Nothing...

Luxurious and refreshing indeed.

At least I chose a Saturday afternoon for it. This marvelous and rather not so well known activity of doing nothing. The lawn can wait, the laundry hamper will survive and the dust is rather happy living another day on the shelves.

By pure chance we discovered that on top of watching our TV programs through the art of streaming via the internet line, we now have a bonus subscription to six months of Unlimited Series. Friday night I realized that we now have a smorgasbord of locally flavoured series waiting to be watched. Need I say more except:

Vier Frauen & Ein Todesfall / Winzer König & Schnell Ermittelt
Flipping or rather learning to use the fancy remote we also espied a lot of American series. The usual suspects, yet they were dubbed into German...until, both of us discovered a magic button, a button that suddenly changed every word into its original English. Hooray.

Back to yesterday afternoon and my frivolity. Bob was not yet ready for this frivolity and was busy cutting a hedge of the side of a house ( not ours ), so I chose this solitude to laze on the couch and watch a batch of Perception. Pure bliss indeed.This constant need or ( is it guilt ) of being busy doing something, makes us stressed out. We all need to learn that we are allowed to just do nothing.

Bob came in to tell me that he was going to help his friend down the road, and I merely waved a vague goodbye. About two hours later, the phone rang and it was Bob. Just in case I had wondered what had happened to him ( eh, I was so engrossed in my series, I hadn't ) he told me that he was at the little fishing dam watching his friend fish.

For some people, fishing is a bit like watching paint dry and yet for others it is the best thing out. Bob was in his element and when you consider that fishing is a form of stillness and not doing anything but watching the waters, Bob too had discovered this marvelous state of doing nothing...

Perhaps we would all be a bit more content with our lives if we took the time to actually sit still and enjoy it...