Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Our Feral Cat Tries So Hard To Be Part Of Our Family.

What a beautiful little cat, our cat!

Bob was looking out the window late yesterday afternoon ( in fact it was my Soko time ) and discovered that our little Tigger ( feral cat ) sat outside our kitchen window. Oh, she wanted to be with us, and must have heard the whole Soko series as our windows were open.
You know, either she was getting bored with the program or she posed for a cute photo. The colours are a bit hazy as Bob took the photos through a mosquito netting.
Is she giving Bob a royal wave or she she showing him The Finger!!!
Somehow she doesn't look amused with Bob, yet she posed for a few dozen more photos...When Bob goes outside early in the morning, she sits mostly under the windows closest to where we are. At times she spends the night on our front step. The other day she discovered mummy lounging on our deck chair outside. The next day, Bob told me that he had found evidence of Tigger copying me...tell tale bits of cat's hair stuck on a cushion next to it.
Our gal has style and pluck!