Sunday, 20 September 2015

Another Top Placement For The Eisenberg Fire Department Team.

Our team takes 2nd place in Rauchwart

All that training does pay off and yet again the Eisenberg team did fantastically well. Gosh you guys, it is becoming a habit!

The various competitions might sound like fun, but don't forget what they actually are. In the competitions the men have to show how fast and accurately they can get the gear into use to douse a fire, to save lives. Ingenious really when you consider that most villages don't ( luckily ) see a lot of fires. But through these competitions, they are current, fast and on the ball for emergencies.

It's all very well having a firetruck, but knowing how to use it and the equipment is the most vital part of saving lives.

Naturally, the various villages taking part in these events are extremely competitive and after the prize givings, there is robust boasting among them. And why not, they train jolly hard for it. Don't forget that most of the villages have volunteer firemen and any training gets done in the evenings or on weekends.

Above and beyond!

The last time Bob's team were placed, Bob was given the team's trophy to bring home. His sanguine team members had an inkling that it might impress me enough, not to moan like a fishwife about the fact that Bob was only coming home at 2 am...Eh, it did the trick.

Last night, even though they won 2nd place and a trophy, Bob didn't bring it home. No need to, as he was home and dry by 10 pm. I did deliberately say dry, as the competition was a Nass Bewerb and this time around, they used water. Sounds easy, but if one coupling is not connected properly, either no water runs or all the water comes out in the wrong place.

Well done, Eisenberg Fire Department, you are amazing.