Friday, 4 September 2015

" Honey, Have You Seen My Jeans? "

Deutsch Schützen's ladies are mad about gardening...

The art director of the Deutsch Schützen's Gardening Committee should get a prize for best creativity. I've been driving past this sight for a while now and yesterday afternoon I stopped and took these photos.
" Hey, have you heard the latest about...?"
Could this be the definitive pot-belly? Oh dear, or a pot-head?
I know, really, I know that it isn't real...but to be honest, I did a few double takes!
They have managed to capture the fluidity of motion . Wouldn't this be a pose most of us would strike after a lengthy bit of gossip?
Thinking outside the box, flowerbed or flowerpot at its best.
"Thank you so much for this, Ladies of Deutsch Schützen..."