Saturday, 19 September 2015

The 80's Music...2:0 !

For some it's a welcome blast from the past.

When you actually think about it, only one artist of our youth has morphed, spandexed, accumulated and kept up with the times. Back in the 80's a few laughed and labeled her a flash in the pan / one off, but she has proven to be a leader in music. Oh yes, the one and only Madonna. Like her or hate her, she is successful beyond the pale.

She accumulated and separated herself from the pack, while others like Duran Duran broke up and reformed but never to the same popularity or band members. Silly really, as we all bobbed along to their tunes with great pizzaz. Young men all over the world tried to have a Simon Le Bon - Do and it drove men into the hairdressing empires for more than just a short back and sides. Scores of young men braved being seen with a thick rubber cap on their head...The " Highlighting " had taken hold.

Since then I haven't often seen nor heard of them except for bits in Hello! ( a magazine which specializes at depicting a casual lounging of stars, models and royalty in their homes. So natural that only coiffed hair and designer clothes will do. Just like us normal lot... ) Oh, and of course when they did tributes to the 80's and showed those iconic videos of The Reflex & Hungry Like The Wolf songs. I bet you anything, that in your mind you are already humming the opening lines of both.

The comebacks are piling up and it seems that Duran Duran have brought out a new album. The cynic in me tends to think it might be correlated to a bit of living-beyond-their-means but, it might just be that they have more music in them.

The youth of the 80's ( eh, us ) are in our 40's and if you are anything like me, listening to the music of now ( granted, some is good ), is rather like that infamous sound a chalk makes running the wrong way down a blackboard. Yikes. So what can we lot listen to? By now we are a bit fatigued with listening to The Reflex for the thousandth time, and as we are now the middle aged moneyed lot, buying their new album is not a problem. Even if we don't like it.

Funny, Bob hates it, while his older brother loves it. But then, he was one of those guys, who tried to copy the Simon Le Bon-Do along with rolled up jacket sleeves...well, who else do you think is going to be part of the Eighties 2:0?