Saturday, 26 September 2015

Surprising Lesson From Candy Crush Soda.

A life lesson perhaps?

Luckily they only give you so many lives over a certain time or rather, so many attempts to solve each puzzle. Otherwise, what feels like minutes might turn into hours...

Candy Crush Soda is a game, a game which can be played anytime and anywhere. I play it the old fashioned way, on my computer but it can be played on any Smartphone of course.

The game seems simple enough and often it is. With dexterity you can rise up the levels and each time you reach a new one, it shows you how well your friends have done before you. I tend to say Wow! while Bob tends to say How?

The thing about Candy Crush Soda is that often, a particular level in the game seems insurmountable. Being stuck at a level for more than a few weeks ( even though you try every day to pass it ) is not unheard of. There are times that I wished the game to Jericho, and even asked Bob to pass the level for me. In a way I am glad he also couldn't do it, because when all of a sudden ( weeks later ) I do some moves that change everything and get me to the next level, it feels amazing. A feeling of success!

The trick is to never give up. Just keep trying and eventually the problem gets solved. Isn't that what we should do in life?

Keep trying, show up, but never give up!

There are times in all of our lives, where it all seems so difficult and near impossible to get passed a problem. But, here is the thing, just trying, showing up and never giving up eventually can move mountains, and move us into the next level of our life.

Looking back, it often seems that those times where you thought your problems are insurmountable, are the times where you learned the most about yourself. Those are the times that shape us and reveal our inner strengths...