Friday, 25 September 2015

The Modern Homework Detective.

Parenting & its many aspects.

Isn't it the job of kids to deny any and all homework? Especially when the lure of playing X-Box is dangled like a participle in front of them...

" Look, you can only play once you've finished your homework. "
Stands to reason that often there isn't one!

It used to be that we all had the often mysteriously disappearing homework book. A book, where you had to write the homework to be done and in which your parents had to sign daily. Sign, to see that firstly you had homework and secondly that you had done it! That was back in the day, where we tried to ditch the tedious bore of doing homework, for either playing outside with our friends, watching television or reading novels

When we were children, it was best to treat us accordingly. Expecting most of us to be grown up enough to do our homework without being checked, was just silly. When in Rome, do ...When a kid, do ...

Nowadays, teachers are giving homework, without a safety net of parental signatures. And right there, parents are thrown into the role of detectives...

" Do you have any homework? "
is often denied. Well, until a moment in the week, rather a common moment used by many, when the truth is uttered, often accompanied by tears. I'm not sure who does the crying...the kids or parents.

That fateful moment...oh yes, Sunday evening! Suddenly, after the X-Boxes and Playstations have been overused, sanity returns and the truth gets revealed. Projects, essays and pages of sums get put on unsuspecting parent's shoulders.

Somehow, I can imagine that some teachers might sit on a Sunday evening, sipping a glass of wine and chuckling to themselves while imagining the furious workload of parents.