Monday, 31 August 2015

Pardon Me, But When Did You Last Have Sunday Breakfast Outside In Your Garden?

Or on your veranda, balcony, front step or even together at your table?

Bob and I are famous for not using our kitchen table to eat breakfast together. Usually it is a bowl of cereal or perhaps a plate of fried eggs, but mostly balanced on our lap, watching TV or that silly computer screen. A modern couple, I wonder or a modern couple of idiots...?

Especially on Sundays, where there would be a lot of time, we either eat at different times or are too lazy to lay the table. Naturally when we have visitors, we go all out! Isn't it typical of life...we always do for others but almost never for ourselves.

Recently Bob has built us a covered seating area outside. It took a lot of sweat to get it done and I thought that it deserves to be adored and made use of. It has the afternoon sun on it and because the mornings are shady and cool under there, I have taken to having a cup of tea and reading a book on the lazy deck chair under it.

It is a fifty meter walk from the front door and that might explain the dearth of breakfasts outside. Mum has given us a tray and it comes in handy. Yesterday, I took the liberty of arranging everything that we would need on it ( scrambled eggs, homemade bread, jam and tea ) and only called to Bob when everything was ready to be taken up:

" Schatzi, come and get your breakfast. "
I tend to think that Bob expected to get a plate and continue in front of the small screen and therefore he was surprised to see the fully loaded tray. No way out now!

He took the tray up and I followed with the hot pan of eggs and a newspaper under my arm. He set the table and we actually had a nice Sunday breakfast where the only distractions were the birds, the odd passer by and a few swipes at mosquitoes.

It took perhaps two minutes more than it would have taken to eat inside and both of us couldn't come up with an answer to why we don't do this more often? We really enjoyed having a leisurely Sunday breakfast outside in our garden.

As nice as it at times is to cruise the social media highway, it does rob us of so much time. Time we could spend with our spouses, our kids, in the garden, reading a book or just hanging out together the old fashioned way....without constantly looking down, swiping fingers over a little screen and uttering:

" Heh, what did you say? "
" Wait a minute, I have to quickly leave a comment!"