Saturday, 8 August 2015

Life's Too Short Not Too Eat Good Ice Cream.

When you look for it, you'll find it.

A trip to Lockenhaus Castle was on the agenda yesterday as some of my family had not seen it. A brush with the Templar Knights and where they stayed is quite something. Being on holiday even if only for a few days it is nice to explore the area and as we are aptly called Burgenland a Burg is almost a must.

Bob and I have been rather a lot to Lockenhaus but love going there again and again. There is a special type of energy held in the walls of a castle and I find that walking through history throws off the blinkers that we all tend to wear. Only going forward might be nice but slightly boring and bereft of those feats that make a life interesting.

The one staircase is hung with numerous " selfies " from way back. Paintings of the relevant Count and Countesses residing through the centuries have the unique ability to transport you back in time. The better the artist the more you can sense emotions behind the usually blank stares. Eyes are the windows to our souls after all...

Lockenhaus is steeped in history yet it is also blessed with a fabulous little village square and guess what... there is an Ice Cream Cafe-Cafe Heiling that will make you sing like a diva, the minute you have your first spoonful of ice cream. When Bob heard the day before that a trip to Lockenhaus was on the cards, he was pleased as punch and on the off chance that we might have forgotten this ice cream nirvana, he mentioned it a few ( dozen ) times...

We were a big group of ten and found two tables we could move together. Ordering in a big group is fun, informative and orders are changed at the drop of a hat. No one likes to be the first one ordering a mega sized portion and from experience I have learned that it is a good strategy to let men order first.

I was the last one in the round to order and suddenly my 4 scoops with whipped cream looked almost like a children's portion! You could call it hiding in plain sight...I love ice cream and will eat it even in the depth of winter. My aunt had an inkling that I might be a ice cream connoisseur.

" Tell me Biggi, how often do you and Bob come here to Lockenhaus? "
Often in life, it isn't possible to eat ice cream made by hand, but when you do find a place that serves it, looking after your waist is frankly a waste of time. A trip now and again through those hallowed portals of a proper Ice cream shop is the best thing to make the world shift back into its proper setting.
Eating ice cream kills two birds with one cup. It takes you back to your childhood while at the same time setting off your taste buds to break out in a song of praise...

A good life is a simple life and it doesn't take much to experience it. Wherever and whenever you'll have a proper ice cream...enjoy it.