Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Burgenland And Its Abundance Of Colours.

Yellow, orange and red should get everyone out of bed.

This war memorial of & in Eisenberg, has such a vibrant array of flowers within it, that one can't help but stop and reflect. Often, when I stop and read the names engraved, a sadness overtakes me, as they never got to live their lives.
I took this photo of the same memorial last year in August and as you can see, the ladies who look after it, plant different flowers most years. Those young chicks are now ( hopefully ) plump chickens and still laying eggs.
About a kilometer down the road, or rather up the Adixl road, I spotted these forbidden fruits...the colours are so attractive that it reminded me of that proverbial apple in Eden. Tempting yet poisonous for sure...? I
The tree was teeming with at least 5 birds and I admit that I got a bit of a fright when they left en masse. A few hours earlier we had had a deluge of rain and even though the sun had dried most of it, the drops were still clinging in places and made the colours seem shiny and new.
I simply adore this row of red roses. They are the guardians on a row of vines and show by their healthy bloom, whether the vines are in top form.
Seeing this perfect blending of nature's abundance made my day. The few minutes I stopped to take these photos were in fact a chance to let my inner compass be rid of its dusty shackles...they should charge us to view this because it makes us realize that happiness is a state of being and not a state of having...