Sunday, 16 August 2015

We've All Developed A Taste For Bedroom Chocolate.

Our Eisenberg vineyards provided the perfect setting for Sommerrock 2015.

Mike, a born organizer of parties, has launched a new mini festival in our midst. Yesterday was the forth one and what better way to celebrate life, summer and good friends than a party set in our wonderful vineyards.

As we got there, we all gave a donation to the host and after that, we could eat and drink to our heart's content. All the locals of course walked there and for us it was a gentle 2 km walk. One great facet to anything done in our Gemeinde, is that children are always welcome and there were plenty little ones running around and having a great time.

Sitting under a tree, gazing out onto the rows of vines while chatting with friends and listening to live music, is one of those moments where you feel content. Those rare moments in our hectic modern way of life, where everything is right in our world and you feel as if you can hear the violins playing.

In our case it was the real deal as Bedroom Chocolates were performing and they have a violinist too. Their sound is Jazzy, Folksy and wrapped in a modern beat. Music to enjoy. Lyrics to savour. Just like the slow food movement is banishing processed, plastic and unhealthy food from our meals, so has Bedroom Chocolate shown that real music beats the techno-processed pop that we get served up everywhere.

Performing live separates the boys from the men and once you've got a taste for real music, going back to the processed studio mixes is not very satisfying nor nice.

The evening moved gently along and before we knew it, we had seen in Bob's birthday. Gosh, he was so chuffed that so many came up to congratulate him. Men shook hands and ladies kissed him. Oh, believe me, he was in his element and rightly so.

Our friends had a good time and it showed them again how much fun our Eisenberg is. When in Rome, you do as the Romans, when in Eisenberg you have to drink wine in a wine cellar. That is just a must-do or rather must-have on anyone's bucket list.

Well, we got a personalized tour to one of our friends wine cellar which was actually only two Kellerstöckls further along. There we were, tasting his wines. I had been privileged before and knew what taste sensations were awaiting us. Unfortunately he has hung up his vintner's hat for a while now but opening his 1998 / 2000 Blaufränkisch red, was out of this world.

Watching our friends take the first sip into the unknown was precious. The minute the wine hit their palate's, eyebrows went up just before they closed their eyes with the pure enjoyment a good wine brings. Let me tell you, our area has so many small wine makers whose wine would make seasoned Sommoliers break out in praise.

We rounded up a wonderful party and evening by ambling home in the early hours of the morning. Our friends armed with good memories and two bottles of wine to take home, and Bob and I with that inner certainty of knowing we are really at home here...