Monday, 10 August 2015

A Flowery Monday Morning To Start The Week.

The happiness factor of plants and flowers.

Yes, it is a mere flower but that vibrant purple is a sight to brighten any day.
A bit more context and you can see how nature is into colour coding...or rather the gardener of them. What a marvelous combination. Yellow and purple. Nice.
Yes, same scene but it depicts the life I enjoy so much. The cluck cluck of a tractor passing along the gentle curve of that distinct road leading into Eisenberg Weinberg.
Another combo of purple and this time a white petunia. Luckily for us, they love the hot sunshine and are happy with a burst of water at the end of the day.
Shadow puppets, do you remember them? Doesn't this shadow ( the one of the top flower ) remind you of an angel? Lovely thought, isn't it?
Finally, a view like a painting! I was admiring the gallery of paintings in Güssing Castle, when in the midst of it I saw this open window. Better than a painting and even this photo doesn't do the view and hues justice. Just lovely.