Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Boney M, Wham, Lebkuchen & School Books.

That time again?

If you were that proverbial man from Mars ( the cave man of the 90's - a big hit with us women from Venus ) and didn't know what time of the year it was, don't stress but go shopping.

Have the shops nothing better to do but to remind us of how fast time is flying by? I bet you anything you'd like, that if you heard

Boney M's Rivers of Babylon or Wham's Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart
you'd know your time has come to buy Christmas gifts. Unless you have strange taste in music and listen to it all year round...

As you can imagine, this late into the Summer, the shops are going crazy with school displays. Pens, exercise books, school bags and so much more. If I were a parent I would jolly well go on holiday as soon as school closes because when you look at what the kids need for their new school year, you just know you'll be broke.

There are some kids who look forward to a new chapter at school but for the rest, perhaps all those multi coloured school accessories are a bribe of sorts. The proverbial dangling carrot...and for the first few weeks they'll go to school without parental decree!

The other day I walked into a supermarket and thought I'd done a stint of time travelling. Right smack bang at the entrance door there they were. Surely it couldn't be right? Oh, I tried and succeeded in herding Bob passed this display, as it is one of his favourites.

Lebkuchen, at this time of the year...that is just not fair! I mean really, give us a chance to enjoy Summer without already worrying about Christmas and the extra pounds it tends to bring.

Even last week, when wearing make-up was out of the question unless you'd wanted to look like a melting clown, some shops had put up displays of jackets and winter clothes. Another reminder

that time stands still for no man.
so we might as well enjoy each and every day.