Sunday, 30 August 2015

Oh, Is It Sunday, So Soon Already?

Summer is beginning to pack up nice and slowly.

The eternal sun seekers didn't disappoint yesterday. These daisies or should that be wild chamomile, seem to be around at all times during the summer months.
" Sun, sun where art thou...."

Not to be outdone by their beautiful neighbours, the Cosmos! Gosh, the depth of the purple was magnificent to behold.
Walking through the Deutsch Schützen Weinberg, I stumbled across this romantically laid out garden. The curvy path is magnetic in its attraction.
Paradoxically, when the temperatures are at their highest ( 30 plus ) the sound of wood being chopped and cut is heard everywhere. Once cut, the pieces are stacked in wooden geometric designs in most gardens. Rather nice to see.
A vine with white and red grapes on one string...I wonder what wine they will produce...
Finally, the vineyards of Südburgenland are dotted with these lovely Kellerstöckls. Would you use this bench for sundowners or sunrisers (not the tequila type) ....Wine, coffee or both?