Saturday, 22 August 2015

Pancakes: Easy & Cheap To Make And Oh So Delicious!

The ultimate comfort food?

Pancakes, just like the one's your Oma used to make for you when you went to visit her! Is it the actual pancake or the topping that has us enthralled whatever our age?

I remember when we were young, my mum used to make us pancakes every Tuesday or was it Wednesday...regardless, we couldn't eat them fast enough and naturally at a young age, every pancake got counted and woe be me if I had one more than my brother, and vice versa.

Mind you, fast forward to now and when I make pancakes for Bob and I, he keeps a beady eye on the numbers ( luckily he only collects his stack when they are all made and thus doesn't know about the first one... the one that is dripping in butter and never graces a plate ).

Funny how life works. As youngsters, pancakes were just the bee's knees and a treat of note and somehow, at least for me, a pancake is the panacea of all ills. A throwback to a time where the only problem was how to skirt the curfew or who got more pancakes.

Surprisingly, making pancakes is so easy and oh so cheap. A few eggs ( and even that can be stretched if you are a bit short on dosh ), milk and flour. When you've made a few pancakes you realize that less is more and a thin one is easier to manoeuvre around the pan. Once I've tried to flip it like the pro's do on TV but it made a messy flop half in and out of the pan. Much better to use a spatula.

As for the toppings, even that was often a sprinkling of sugar mixed with a dash of cinnamon. Bob, having exotic tastes often puts drops of lemon juice over his whereas my idea of exotic is a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and if I am really out there, a bit of whipped cream on top. Now that is yummy.

On the slim chance that you are left with a few uneaten pancakes ( it has been know to happen ) you can cut them up into strips and put them in a normal ( chicken broth either from a cube or home made ) clear soup and garnish with a few chives. Oh, that might just become a best seller on my comfort food list...

Comfort food, contrary to popular belief doesn't have to involve a trip to a, a Walk-thru to your kitchen is all that's needed.