Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Ancient Loose Change On The Footpaths Of Yore.

Wine is a sign of wealth after all!

Conversation with people brings forth interesting tidbits. Only a few days ago I found out that there is an ancient footpath through the Eisenberg Weinberg and the more I think about it, the more obvious it is.

The beauty of talking with villagers about more than where they went last weekend, is that history comes to the fore. Our village has been here since the 13th century and perhaps even longer because I heard it rumoured that the Romans planted vines in our sunny climes.

Once you hear it said, it seems so logical. In the days of yore, wine was bought and sold. As everything was either carried on foot or horseback the distances might not have been very far but far enough to have a different image on the coins that paid for it.

It happens to us in the modern times and even though we are zipped to the hilt, we drop stuff. Coins, sunglasses, litter and the proverbial keys. So why should it not have happened in ancient times where the purse might have been a piece of cloth tied together?

A while ago, ancient coins were found on this old footpath. Most of this path is now covered by vines but it might be groovy to go on a discovery expedition through our vineyards.

Following in the footsteps of the original wine drinkers!

Finding ancient coins is not like the Irish pot of gold that lets you retire ( unless you discover an old sunken treasure ship with gold coins ) because they are a dime to the dozen. But finding ancient coins is a brush with history. Someone held these coins, someone worked extremely hard for them and someone went shopping with them. Wine, pigs or chickens perhaps?

Isn't it fascinating to ponder about the life of an ancient wine drinker?

  • Were there nuances of flavour and taste even back then making some wine more pricey than others?
  • Was the cream of the wine harvest crop destined for the rulers of the day...Kings and Lords, and did they even pay for it?
  • Were women even allowed to drink wine?
  • At the end of a week, did the villagers meet and have a few drinks of wine?
  • What containers did they drink out of...a clay or wooden cup perhaps?
One thing is for sure, even in ancient times, whoever drank wine spoke its language fluently!
In vino veritas