Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Sunny Nod For The Weekend.

A collective cheer seems to be about in our village.

It's official. Moaning about the weather is universal and after the weeks on end of extreme sunny weather ( let's say as hot as blazes ) one would imagine that a week of rain would be as welcome as a win in the Lotto. The first few days of rain were celebrated by donning raincoats and displaying extra curly locks, but after day three, the smiles had certainly got less.

Even though I don't really mind having rainy weather as it makes it better to snuggle up and read, having rain days on end does crimp our ability to do laundry. Silly actually as in winter we do laundry too...although suspiciously not as much as in summer. Let's say 4 loads a week compared to perhaps one or two. A smelly winter indeed.

We don't favour a tumble dryer and thus are devout fans of the old fashioned washing line spun between the barn wall and a tree. A lot of multi coloured pegs complete the picture. In summer, it is pure bliss to be able to hang up a load of washing while the sun is shining, the lawn is green and the blackbirds are singing. It's the best feeling in the world when I have the right washing powder too. It's all in the scent you know, and the memories it evokes!

Hanging the laundry on our line seems to also be a siren call for our Tigger. For some odd but very cute reason, she loooves watching us put laundry on the line. She even stops eating to sit a meter from us, while we shake and peg away. Too cute for words.

We had heard rumours on the radio ( weather men and their predictions usually leave much to be desired...) that on Friday the sun would make an appearance and a long one too. The morning started out overcast with the odd drop of rain and like magic, as soon as the noon bell went, the sun came out accompanied by azure blue Burgenland skies. Magical to say the very least.

Driving to do an errand later on, I noticed that almost everyone in our village had hung a load of washing on their lines and the motorized buzz of lawnmowers was ever present on the wind. Spiffy lawns all over and not to forget that divine smell of freshly cut grass. A sign of summer right there.

Hanging washing on the line with our cat looking on, seeing azure blue skies and hearing the blackbirds happily frolicking on our roof while being enveloped by the fresh aroma of a cut lawn, is one of life's simple pleasures. Simple yet effective.


I chose well...a husband who does laundry!