Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Mysterious Case Of A Shoe, A Smelly Shoe!

A Croc lives up to its name: coveted and tough...

The last few mornings I have seen strange things outside our window. Opening the window while still half asleep, I couldn't believe it when I saw a dark object lying within sight of it. In fact two objects as another one was not too far from it.

That definitely cleared the cobwebs out of my sleepy brain and looking closer I realized that Bob's old Crocs were lying helter skelter on a piece of our lawn. A piece that was outside our lounge window.

Usually these shoes are thrown in a manly manner outside our front door when Bob enters our house and one can even see his walking style by the way the shoes are discarded. Isn't it funny how married life brings with it a lot of clothing items dropped without a care in the world, you know, such as dirty socks etc.

Admittedly, at times said shoes are inside the house, but if it was too soon after a floor cleaning session, I would do my ' nagging wife ' stint and luckily most of the time, Bob's Crocs are outside our door and at night time, our locked door. The plot definitely thickened when I saw the shoes on our lawn.

A two legged intruder was a silly concept, because why take our shoes and then drop them? Might the odorous aroma have helped along in that venture? Honestly, I can't even blame Bob alone for the distinct smell of these Crocs, as I often slip into them when I water the plants etc. And let's face it: even though a Croc is a better make of plastic, barefoot in plastic on sweltering hot days is not conducive to rosy aromas...

It couldn't have been Bob either because the door is his dropping point. Well, when I told Bob about his errant shoes, he too was mystified. What could have happened? Perhaps a fox, or a marten being so very tempted by the smell, but not enough to chew through the shoes?

Well, today, at literally the crack of dawn, both of us were sitting in the lounge with the windows wide open. The sun was just about to make an appearance when we heard a hissing sound. At first I thought it might have been Bob ( ! ) but when the hiss turned into a loud, annoying, high pitched screech we both knew that our cat was being fought over by two tomcats.

Bob instantly ran outside to make sure our princess Tigger wasn't in harms way! But, as it turns out, Tigger was the hissing cat...

Some other animal had dared to take the Crocs, dragging one onto the lawn and our princess was defending Bob's shoes. How cute. Usually she dashes bashfully away when we come too close to her, but this morning she stood her ground by the gate and as Bob so cutely described:

" Oh, she stood with her head through our gate and hissed at something on the road. How cute. She was defending my shoes. What a darling.."

No, we still don't know what keeps being attracted by Bob's shoes, but one thing is for sure...our little princess will get a royal meal tonight!