Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bildein Festival-Seether, Heatwave & Leather Pants.

A weekend of fun for some...

Goodness, even President Obama has mentioned that the world is hotting up and that we have to do something about it. Of course, in politics, time is not of the essence. Is there a sense of time warp in this type of arena? The time frame of 2030 is used and personally, I tend to lean more towards that being too little too late. Reducing the carbon emissions by about 30% in 2030...get real, get with the program and do it sooner!

We are currently into the third heatwave of this summer and it seems to be here for at least another two sweltering weeks, according to the weather frogs. I wish I hadn't seen this forecast because it does dwindle my hope of cooler days chasing those awful 30 somethings. It is rather comical how everyone complains about the incessant heat, yet they studiously persist in denying that it is caused by our collective selfishness...

" Of course it's not Climate Change because back in 19.. we had a hotter summer! "
be like an ostrich then...The heat is so energy draining that with each progessive year, we might consider morphing into that rather attractive lifestyle of the Spanish...a siesta makes sense all of a sudden.

Each year, the village of Bildein ( just three villages over ) holds a festival in the Glastonbury style, called Picture-on. Camping, loud music, and hanging out with your friends. Thousands descend on our area and it has already been sold out for weeks. Imagine! Well this year, a taste of South Africa is present in the form of Seether...they are originally from Pietermaritzburg after all.

Bob and I aren't going to the Bildein Festival but there is always a hope of running into a fellow Maritzburger in the local shop or more excitingly, local Buschenschank.

As for the leather pants...after yesterday, most of us will view men wearing leather pants with a bit of dread. A dread that they might attempt to do those rather comical lunges like Mr Kravitz did. Really the worst time for your leather pants to rip and to be caught out sans underpants!

With this heatwave at the moment, I doubt that any of the Bildein Festival bands will wear a tight pair of leather pants. But just in case they do, a few women in the crowd might yell:

" Do some lunges!"

Men, if you do insist on wearing leather least wear the original Bavarian / Austrian type. They are made for lunges...