Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Fight For The Bill, And Not What You'd Imagine!

A great family lunch in Hungary...

A lunch somewhere was on the cards yesterday and we got to eat at a fabulous restaurant in Hungary. My parents had chosen it as they have lunched there a few times already, but for the rest of us it was that exciting feeling of not knowing where we'd end up eating. One man's idea of good food isn't necessarily another's.

It was a gem of a place and has etched itself onto our We'll go again list. There were ten of us and the waiter was far from fazed and in fact took turns to joke with us.

I sat next to my mum and even before the first sips were taken, she whispered to me that they wanted to pay the whole bill, without anyone noticing it. Our waiter happened to be there and we told him in English so that none of the others might hear it. Wait and you'll find out about this need for secrecy.

When the meal arrived, there was a hush over our table as everyone tucked in with happy abandon and enjoyment. From my vantage point I could already get glimpses of whispered plans being made by the various couples. No no, not amorous plans but those of how to pay for everyone first.

" Herr Ober, please put everything onto my bill. "
" Sorry Sir, but the lady is already sorting this out."

Oh dear me, I wish you could have seen it. My mum hadn't yet done the physical deed of payment and was in the process of getting up when my uncle, quick as a flash ( but clearly no match for his sister ) was out of his chair and trying to get there first. Goodness, they actually ran towards the waiter and as they were out of sight, nobody knew what happened...

Well, they came back smiling after settling this sibling rivalry the modern may. They went dutch. Even though we had more than enough money with us to pay for our lunch, Bob and I never stood a chance against my family!

Next time everyone is here I can just about imagine the quirky tricks being applied in order to get the bill first ( isn't it wonderful to have such a generous family? ). The usual one of pretending to go to the toilet won't cut it and I wouldn't be surprised if the waiter gets the lure of a bigger tip, just so that the bill will get into the right hands...