Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Lost In Conversation.

The mobil-ity of technology has changed conversation, and not for the better.

Can you remember when you last had a real conversation with someone or anyone? A conversation not littered with moments of disregard. That is the only way one could term that inane or rather insane need to constantly look at a tiny screen. Apart from the rudeness of it, it kind of stops the flow of conversation.

Everyone of us has an interesting history. History needn't be momentous but it could be. The only way one can get a glimpse of it is to take the time and converse. Conversing is like de-layering an onion. Sometimes it might make you cry but all the while you get to the real bits.

" How are you? How do you do? " are deceptively simple yet so important. These few words are the magic key. They help kick start the process of understanding, liking and learning about the other person. Naturally there are some people, who you learn not to ask the question because they will give you chapter and verse of everything in a monologue. Yet, even that holds bits of interest.

The mere volume of dating sites tells a story in itself. Doesn't it feel as if the computer is conversing for you with others. It robs one of that special moment when you talk with someone and suddenly you feel that affinity and just know...

Often at parties or get together's I sit and ponder about the life of people there. What do they like, what do they do, what hardship have they overcome and what do they believe...the list can be endless.

Do you remember those childrens colour in books, those that give you the outline in numbers and you have to follow the outline from #1? Only when you are halfway through, do you get an inkling of what it is. Well, for me, having conversations with people is like joining the line between the numbers of their life. With it, they take on shape, form and become interesting...

By the way, conversing means listening and talking, give and take and questions and answers. The other day I tried to hold a conversation with a young man and apart from the yes, and no's I got, it could have been a monologue...nothing more boring ( and embarrassing ) than a monologue, but at least I tried.

Conversations are the lifeblood of humanity and perhaps it is the recent lack of this skill that has changed our world into a place we don't recognize anymore.