Monday, 3 August 2015

An Ordinary Sunday In The Country.

A walk in nature.

Even when it's overcast, it looks romantic and nice. A little chapel to remember a loved one has created a nice place to rest and reflect. The tree must have been there for ages and more than likely before the chapel.
When did you last have the pleasure of sitting on a bench? A bench in nature and this particular bench has Hungary as a backdrop...An oasis of peace and reflection without the intruding need to be online. There was a gaggle of geese not far away, and the wind carried their honking across.
A vine with Deutsch Schützen in the background.
Bob was so excited to find a bank of trees, fruit trees, plum trees. At first he wasn't sure what they were and hesitatingly tried one. Naturally, as a good wife I declined to eat one until I knew he was fine...someone has to tell what he ate!
All types of fruit love it here. Be they grapes or plums, they thrive in our sunny climes.
After trying the yellow one, Bob let out a shout of excitement about the red ones. He wouldn't take no for an answer and I had to try this succulent red plum. Still here to tell the tale...
Nature's bounty...corn, plums and grapes. What more could one want: Corn to make bread, plums to make jam and grapes to make the magic elixir to quench your thirst...