Friday, 28 August 2015

The Language Of Hairdressing Is The Hardest To Master.

The funny side of miscommunication...

You think you know the English language, but really only once you step inside a salon, do your words seem foreign. That is, foreign to your hairstylist. We all know that the English centimeter you wanted off your hair can be translated into an American inch.

Asking for blonde, red or brown hair creates its own obstacle course through a myriad of hues and needs further illumination. Only the trusting, brave or I'm not happy in my relationship will say these fateful words:

" Oh, you choose my colour."
...for whom the bell tolls!

When Bob and I first started courting, he was having his hair cut at the same Salon for ages ( by the way, I spent 20 odd years in a Salon, not that one though ). Perhaps he wanted to impress me still so early on in our relationship, or perhaps he merely wanted a different haircut.

He went to his stylist and asked her what she would recommend for him. Now Bob has very curly hair and likes to keep it short. Except when he was rebelling in London after he had finished school as then he had extremely long hair ( money was spent on other things ), and as it was long and curly, it defied gravity. When he got back home, one pointed look from his Mum, put a stop to long hair.

When Bob asked his stylist for a change of Do, he told me that he was sitting in the stylist's chair and heard these fateful words:

" Bob, with your curly hair, I think we should grow your hair into a David Hasselhoff. Surely you remember that series, Knight Rider? "
I think that was the last time Bob ever went to her for a haircut. Bob, was into Nirvana and the grunge look and the mere thought of looking like Knight Rider turned Bob into a quivering jelly. From the heights of coolness to the depths of despair...this was before the Hoff emerged from the Hasselhoff!

If only his stylist had said to Bob:

" Bob, let's grow it a longer and shape it here and there! "
Well, there is a phrase one should avoid at all costs in a Salon...The A La Hasselhoff