Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Novel Way To Decide Your Travel Destination,

Choosing your holiday travels gets so much easier...

Ever from a young age, the age where I got stuck into my books, ideas of travelling have been filed in my head. At first it was the boarding school of The Famous Five but as I got older and into my teens, the Orient Express was the place to be.

As you can imagine, the Agatha Christie bug had bitten and apart from dodging the odd murderous soul on board, a week or two ensconced in a cozy yet ever so luxurious cabin aboard the Orient Express, was something to aspire to. At least for me. Either sleeping with the gentle rolling lullaby of the rails being met or getting up for the various meals was just so different from my norm
( heck, anyone's norm ) that it was put down on my list.

Historical novels were a bit more tricky, as the romantic places displayed wouldn't have been the same yet regardless, England was and still is the be all of romantic and crime novels ( for those not fond of the written word, there is always the celluloid and I can imagine a few going into their travel agent and asking to book a trip to Midsomer Mallet ...).

Recently, well recently in a literary time frame, the last decade or two, the Scandinavian writers have been enthralling readers the world over. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo kind of started a whole movement and Camilla Lackberg, Henning Mankell and Jo Nesbo are just a few of the delightful novelists who pen words and string them together with such aplomb and ingenuity that we are hooked from the first page.

As I would love to visit the fjords of Norway but also Sweden and Finland, the best way for me would be one of those Nordic Cruises. In one foul swoop I would be entering novel territory without the ever present corpses littered over the pages of the various crime novels.

A friend of ours has kindly left a Jo Nesbo novel and to my delight it is big in size and small in writing and as any avid reader knows, that means only one thing...we will be in the novels plain and happenings for a long time ( for that reason, I don't ever buy books that are flimsy in size ).

The Norway described by Jo Nesbo sounds so breathtakingly beautiful, that it might just be the next destination for me. Luckily, being in the heart of Europe, it isn't as far as it would have been from the tip of Africa.

What is your novel destination?


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