Monday, 17 August 2015

Glorious Rain Has Finally Put A Stop To That Heatwave.

Rain is in the air.

We had the first inkling last night when we left the Grenzland Keller after a last bid to grab the edge of a dwindling weekend. A weekend that was great from start to finish.

Anyway, as we walked to our car the first drops began to fall onto the hot tarmac and somehow the whiff of rain was more pronounced even though ( or because of it ) it was mingled with a dash of tar. Perhaps we were thinking ahead to a night of rain and therefore had a much more alert sense of smell.

Just after midnight the heavens obliged and we had masses of rain. Isn't it the best to wake up to a bit of thunder and a whole lot of rain. The drops falling onto our roof made the most divine sound, and most welcome sound too. Finally an end to our third heat wave.

Our Londoners had been looking forward all those months to visiting us in Burgenland because let's face it, England has many nice things...Twinings, The Queen, Minis & Inspector Barnaby...but hot weather it has not (at least not as often as us ) ! Well, our friends got a pleasant surprise when they arrived in Vienna on Friday.

Austria and especially Burgenland had the honour of being one of the hottest places in Europe. Or should I say Tropical Europe... Our friends made the most of our heatwave ( there was the odd wishing for cooler weather ) and spent the afternoons at the various Badesees we have in our area. Rechnitz Badesee on Saturday and Rauchwart on Sunday.

Despite the various moans we made about the 35 degrees plus weather, it would have been awful had it rained already on Friday. We had a weekend of sitting outside ( either at Weber's Buschenschank or Mike's Sommerrock ) under a sky that was brim full of stars. Stars of all sizes and brightness. We sipped our local wines, ate our local foods and every now and again paused to look up and catch a shooting star.

Yip, a good life can't be bought...