Monday, 24 August 2015

A Moody Monday Perhaps...?

The calm before the storm it seems.

A definite walk on the wild side...a storm seemed to be in the offing and set the mood for the rest of the day. Yesterday, Sunday morning.
Don't you think that this could easily have been a great setting for one of those, dare I say, delightful English Crime Series? The colours all pulled on one string and amalgamated into a cauldron of darker hues...or moody blues.
This cheerful bunch of golden blades caught my attention. This particular spot is in Wingl Lane and as I was crouching to get a better angle, I heard a car approaching at high speed and in high gear...
I thought it might be the police or so but it turned out to be an older lady driving back home and forgetting to switch gears!
Our Eisenberg is ringed on one side by a large hill, can't call it a mountain, and often the weather is gloomy looking in one direction and sunny when you turn around in the other direction.
I wish you could have been there. This field of maize was just spectacular. The greens, yellows and the blue background.
Even standing in Eisenberg ( in fact, this spot is really no-man's land as it is between Eisenberg Weinberg and Eisenberg Village ) Deutsch Schützen is never out of sight...You can see their church spire in the distance.