Thursday, 1 October 2015

Potatoes, Apples Of The Earth, Grumpian Or Just Plain Yummy?

Don't you dare call a potato humble.

Funnily enough, in our area of Burgenland, the potato has numerous names. Kartoffel, Erdapfel and Grumpian. Rather confusing for us as we just call it by the easy name of Kartoffel.

Do you know, that one of my all time favourite meals is a boiled potato with butter and salt? There is nothing like it and it is easy to make. Original fast food. No, I don't microwave nor do I possess a microwave as I think they are not good for our health.

In this new age of protein, the potato is seen as an enemy by many. Bant all you want, but how long can you go without a proper dish with Kartoffel? A homemade mash dripping with butter, or a baked one full of sour cream or a boiled one with lashings of butter and chives.

Anyway, when I do cook them I make more because they make a nice cold snack. How often do we search for a quick snack in our fridges and find nothing? A cold potato with salt is just nice. Or with a dollop of mayonnaise, or a pat of butter or wrapped in a slice of ham...

Yesterday was one of those days where the weather was a bit on the colder side and called for a soup. A quick lunch soup with some left over boiled potatoes. The nice bit about making your own soup, is that anything goes. There is no right or wrong way and that is the pathway to experimenting in the kitchen.

Onions, garlic, ginger, potatoes, stock cube, sour cream, dried forest mushrooms, salt and pepper.

Bob is anti ginger at the moment and so he declined to even taste it which I was glad about, as there wasn't that much soup in the first place. There are so many creations I can make without fear of them being caught in the mid morning / afternoon / evening / midnight fridge raid...all I need to do is place a slice of ginger on top of whatever and Bob will leave it without even tasting it.

Can you tell that we are not Newly Weds any more? Hee, hee, hee...