Sunday, 11 October 2015

Technology 1 : Childhood Memories 0

Could this be the evolution of childhood memories?

  • 1000 BC Roaming the fields and playing with stones...being outside
  • 1000 Helping to turn the wheel for either making cloth or to extract water from a well...being outside.
  • 1900 Playing with your friends outside and showing off your dolls or toy soldiers...being outside.
  • 1950 Cycling to your friend's house and either listening to the radio or playing in the garden, such as hide and seek...being outside.
  • 1970 Having a Bonanza Bicycle and careening through the neighbourhood with your friends or alternatively watching the real Bonanza on TV. Using the library in your town to get books to last you a month. Reading after bedtime was forbidden and thus you smuggled a torch under your duvet...mostly being outside.
  • 1985 Hanging out with your friends ( all from the neighbourhood for easy visiting access! ), skipping the odd day of school, smoking in the bathroom and thinking your parents would never guess because you left a window open, lazying around the pool and discussing that exciting venture called life, getting up to mischief such as putting dog poo wrapped in newspaper on your neighbours doorstep ( no, not me, but I heard a fondly recalled memory of it last night. Mentioning no names! )...being outside.
  • 1995 Playing all day on your new Mac, or desktop. Playing computer games all day... being inside.
  • 2005 Playing on your cellphone. Playing on your playstation. Playing on your Nintendo...being inside.
  • 2015 Googling, YouTubing, Facebooking, hanging out with your 500 online friends, swiping a finger over the iPad / iPhone, remembering that this time was the start of your neck and back problems...being inside.