Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Processed Meat Dilemma Might Just Be A Huge Help Against Global Warming.

Eh, really, why is everyone so surprised at the link between processed meat and cancer?

Most of us have known all along that eating copious amounts of polony, bacon, ham & cold cuts wasn't good for us. Be honest, because why else is that yummy crispy bacon seen more as a treat?

Have you noticed that the only thing separating a treat from a threat is an H?

Naturally there is a tremendeous outcry over the WHO's announcement about their findings regarding processed meat and cancer, but aren't we all more upset because this announcement cements what most of us had floating in some part of our brains as a fad. You know, those fads where one day it is fine to eat something, and another day it isn't.

Not anymore. Now processed meat has joined the elusive and slightly deadly club of smoking. Quite frankly my dear, there is no more excuse of ignorance at the end of the road...

If the health threat of processed meat is taken as seriously by governments as is the smoking threat, then we are going to be in for a big and rather yukky surprise when we'll do our shopping. Perhaps the packaging of a pound of bacon, a packet of cold meats or a six pack of Vienna's will have a few images of a diseased organ or two...

I am pretty sure that very soon a few stories of folks living to a ripe old age while having eaten processed meat each and every day will make the rounds of social media...and you know, everyone can make up their own minds about what to eat!

But, let's have a look at the overall impact of this health warning. Even if only 5 % of the world's population take heed of it, that is a vast amount of green house gases saved. Less cattle bred, less water used for feeding them, less rain forest cut down to grow more feed and less chemicals used to process them.

How Factory Farming contributes to Global Warming.
W.H.O. website

The hunt for a cure for cancer has been going on for over a century. What is becoming glaringly obvious, is that we've processed our food to such an extent that:

  • ...we don't know what actual real food tastes like...
  • ...the big pharma is constantly making a profit by the failure of a cure and yet, somehow we've discovered how to put a man on the moon in a relative short time...
  • ...a lot of us seem to have become addicts-processed food addicts-and when you consider the amount of chemicals used for processing, it can hardly come as a surprise...
Could part of a cure for cancer be so simple as just eating real and unprocessed food?