Thursday, 15 October 2015

We've Survived Three Days Of No Internet In The Evenings.

Never mind just us, but an almost teenager and a youngster too.

In a way I thought it might have been more difficult than it actually was. At the start of our
solo being in charge time, we told both of them that after 6 o'clock in the evening, there was to be no playing on tablets etc. None. Of course we did add that instead we all would play either Monopoly, Uno, Cluedo or something else.

Contrary to popular belief, it was actually the two of us ancients, that suffered a bit with the No-Internet rule! The kids almost sat at the kitchen table before we had finished calling them up for a round of play time.

A whole day with kids does tend to be exhausting and honestly, before we sat down to play time, the thought of lounging in front of the telly was hovering like a magical vision. Yet, once we sat down at the table, it was the greatest fun. Laughing mingled with angry looks ( mainly in Uno ).

Uno is such fun and very strategic. Seating arrangement are of the utmost importance because you never know who has the plus fours! Bob, in his wisdom has been keeping a running score over the few days and as luck would have it, he is winning (? ) and I am stone dead last.

In one particular game, Sam was dealt a double whammy by his gleeful sister. He is such a card...

" Uncle Bob, I am so cross right now, that I want to say the ....word! "
He mentioned the first letter only and I told him to totally forget that word. For theatrical effect, I clapped the air in front of him and told him that from now on the word is no longer in his head..
" Aunt Birgit, you better clap in front of me too, because the word is also in my head and I don't like it. "

My reportoire of meals to make has worn a bit thin. Meals that appeal to the younger crowd. Bob, made lunch for them yesterday and it was a winner with no left overs! Brilliant. He is such a good uncle and of course the kids adore him even when he tries to be strict!

One thing I have noticed, is when I ask them to help in making the food, the chances are infinitely greater that they will eat it. Case in point: Josie made the dough ( by hand ) for our pizza last night and promptly had two slices. Sam, didn't feel like participating and alas didn't eat his pizza.

Being a parent must be the most exhausting job, but also the most rewarding. Children are a blessing to have and to have around. Alas, the invention of Smartphones have robbed many parents of this precious time. Time spent fully present with their children.