Saturday, 24 October 2015

See, We Live In The Leafy Part Of Eisenberg.

The many definitions of wealth.

This could almost be a modern version of the Rorschach Test...
" What do these leaves remind you of? "

" An abundant life with the beauty of nature being recognized. "

This particular peach tree has decided to shed every one of its leaves except for this bevy of beauties. Aren't they simply magnificent in their hue, tenacity and placement?
The mighty vine and its ability to stun the casual observer in every way. The visual, the abundance and knowledge that each year it manages to produce luscious grapes which create our tipple of choice. Could life be any more leafy?
We've harvested their fruit and now they seem to get ready for hibernation. But before they do, they morph daily from the richest of green to the rainbow like spectrum of autumn. Walking past them changes everyone's mental screensaver to one of joy and happiness.
As I was driving to Woppendorf, I had five minutes to spare and stopped to pay homage to one of the many spectacular trees along the road. Just about every village in Burgenland is leafy beyond a doubt...
The many colours of autumn: Some of these trees will be green for the entire winter while the others will be holding on for dear life. Most go with the flow and slowly strip their foliage.The farmers are ploughing their lands for the fallow season. This fishing pond is between Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen. Tranquil, isn't it?
...not for the fish, of course... The kaleidoscope of colour is amazing to behold.