Friday, 16 October 2015

Our Nephew, The Budding Film Maker.

Eight years old and already making mini-movies.

Somehow I still tend to think of a film maker wielding a big camera around on his shoulders. Big enough so that one is at least prepared and can smile prettily beforehand. That is so old fashioned as now our nephew merely wields his Smartphone.

Only yesterday I got caught out and on film too. Here is the thing about film makers: they get inspiration at the drop of a hat. Just driving and sitting in the backseat of our chariot, he got inspiration and was recording. Naturally, I thought he was singing too loud and asked him to take it down a notch as I couldn't hear Bob. So now, my voice of censure is there for eternity...

I am so in awe of his talents as he shoots his movies ( or does one call it videos or perhaps Smarteos? ) on his mum's Smartphone. He will edit and record again with amazing precision. Don't forget he is still a tender eight years old.

As he is a budding Star Wars fan of gigantic proportions, his movies reflect that theme. The other day he showed me one of his works on YouTube...oh yes, he puts his movies on YouTube...and after I had watched it, he told me that a few people had left ugly comments underneath it and he was rather upset about that.

" Sam, don't worry about them. At least they have watched your movie and taken the time to leave a comment. "
and he was so excited when I liked his work and left a little comment. Ah, an artistic soul is a tender soul.

At first when you look at his video, it might seem simplistic but when you take a moment to ponder, you realize what went into it. A concept, a lot of retakes, a few helpers and the ability to envision the finished product. Which he has clearly done to perfection.

My favourite is the scene where the hero ( is that Iron Lego Man ? ) flies through the rain to land in a country far far away ( a.k.a. the lounge ) Brilliant how he directed it.

Well done Sam. Absolutely awesome...