Saturday, 17 October 2015

So Young And Yet So Picky.

Having a cow in the backyard might be an option.

As I said to Bob, when I was young I lived for meal times. Food was important and missing meals was a punishment. Yet, this week with the youngens has shown me that perhaps I was the exception.

Unless you reminded them, they wouldn't think of eating. At times a forceful

" Put down your tablet and come and eat lunch! Now! "
set of instructions had to be said. Funnily enough, once they were sitting and eating, they seemed to be enjoying it. Sort of.

Siblings with their different tastes and likes are interesting to have around. They do have a common taste and apples it seems to be ( not forgetting ice cream of course ). They both loved munching them and even mixing an apple with a chip, biscuit or chocolate. They must have eaten two apples each per day. In fact, before they left, Josie stocked up in our backyard. Nice.

One loves grape juice and the other one loves milk. As small as Sam is, he can drink 2-3 glasses of milk without hesitation several times a day. That seems to have been the only food group that he had big quantities of. Sweets aren't really a food group so they don't count.

He has unerring tastes too. We had run out of fresh milk and had opened a liter of long life milk in the morning. An almost full container was in the fridge. During the day I had replenished the milk supply and a few unopened liters of fresh milk were chilling in the vegetable drawer of our fridge.

" Aunt Birgit, can I get myself some milk? "
" Sure, you know where it is. "
I was glad he was comfortable enough to help himself. Oh, I had to stifle a giggle when I happened to see a minute later, that Master Sam had forgone the long life milk and opened himself new container of fresh milk. Can't fault him for having good taste...