Sunday, 25 October 2015

Discovering The Beautiful Eisenberg Vineyards Behind The Wheels Of A Lamborghini.

A Lamborghini, a Bar and a pied piper all in one...

Goodness gracious, even the heavens obliged for yesterday's wine walk through our Eisenberg vineyards. It turned out to be the most sunny day imaginable. Don't forget, that we've been rather inundated with rain recently.

Bob and I were part of last year's walk and wild horses couldn't have kept us from joining this year's walk.. Both of us love starting traditions and it seems this is one of them.

So, this was our mobile Bar for the afternoon and I thought it would make a good start to see Bob next to it.

Just to put some of our families minds at ease, I did give Bob advance warning about this photo and he didn't breath for a while!!!

This was the first pit stop and local white wine or spritzers were served for all. Gosh, you'd think we'd walked for hours and hours by the eager response to this particular stop. The more stops we had, the more jolly the walk got! Did I mention that we had a pit stop at one of the local Schnapps Giants?

So, this was our pied piper for the walk and as you can see the flag could be rather useful for any strays...last year, a few walkers disappeared into a cellar...a wine cellar and the rest of us had to await their reappearance from it!

Just in case your were in doubt, there is our Lamborghini. Yes, the real McCoy. As of yesterday yours truly is aware that Lamborghini make tractors.
Admittedly, at first I thought Bob was joking...

Move over Long-drops, here is another Loo with a view...
Most of us recycle with tremendeous enthusiasm and I must say, this one had most of us snap away like happy tourists.

I bet this loo can tell some funny stories about a neighbour wobbling home in the early hours of the morning!

Our mayor chose a different route yesterday and one of the reasons was so that we could see the actual steepness of the vineyards.

As he pointed out, some of these vineyards can't be worked on with tractors or machines...oh no, they have to be tended to by hand. Hard work indeed.

In our neck of the woods, you never know what is around the corner or rather around the vine...This particular photo was a view that made me smile and be grateful to live in, among and with nature.